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Post Post Scriptum

Founded  in Rome  in 1986, Gruppo 12 "POLISGRAMMA"     is a   non-profit  association  which operates.in the.field     of "metropolitan. art" (Building Ground Art).  For.the. month of October 2000 it promotes, within the Progetto Angioletta Firpo, a new POLISGRAMMA operation which will consist in posting a .series of ."artists' works". in .the advertising spaces of  Rome municipality.

The subject is: POST POST SCRIPTUM,  the definitive conclusion of a message created by artists and addressed to a  near, or distant future, from Rome, one of the cities on which the western culture is founded: an evident "sign" of the nomadism in art in the new millennium.

 The poster-works, with dimensions of cm. 140x100, will remain posted in .the advertising spaces of  Rome municipality from October 17 to October 30.